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The Philippine Digital Landscape

Internet and mobile marketing in the Philippines is moving at a rapid rate. While it was at its infancy in 2007, the industry is experiencing rapid growth rates, not far behind its counterparts in North America and Europe,

Advertising and marketing play a vital role in the internet and mobile industry, as like any other media channel, the survival of internet and media companies rely on marketing for revenues. The explosion of internet companies like Google and Yahoo! has changed the way internet is used in marketing, and the same can be said of telecom companies revolutionizing mobile marketing. To date, web and mobile accounts for 10% of advertising spending in the US, and is expected to increase to 40-50% within the next couple of years in certain industries.

In the Philippines, marketing through the web has taken off, and is on a growth spurt. It has been estimated that online ad spending would sum up to only P100 million, just at 0.2%, of the total advertising spend. Mobile shares the same fate, although while they are higher than web advertising, they are also a small percentage of the total ad mix.

The two new media internet and mobile, often referred to as interactive or digital media, possess a wealth of opportunities for marketers to communicate directly with their customers. Unlike the traditional media: Television, Radio and Print, where these media serve as channels for advertising placements, digital media provide marketers the opportunity to integrate the use of technology in their communications.

As the tool of the 21st century, technology enables businesses to build closer relationship with their customers.  Aided by 24/7 communication and engagement, feedback mechanisms, and other CRM tools, technology is truly a potent ally that affords endless options.

However, internet and mobile marketing remain under-utilized, its potential not yet given appropriate attention. Widely perceived as an alternate culture of techie-geeky, internet and mobile marketing tools are still confined to a few who practice the profession.


The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines

IMMAP members—professionals and practitioners of the industry—grouped together in 2007 to address the need to push the wonders of the internet and mobile. As an association, IMMAP sees these opportunities, and recognizes the urgency of harnessing its potential for economic development, not just for the industry, but for the national economy as well. IMMAP has embarked on working towards educating and providing the necessary digital tools for advertising and integrated marketing professionals to make better communication decisions.

Since its early days, IMMAP sought to affiliate with the industry organization that spearheads the advertising and marketing industries. And, as the media landscape grew, IMMAP also aligned with the regulating body on advertising. In 2008, IMMAP became a member of the international group, the Mobile Marketing Association.

On its first year, it already launched its IMMAP Summit, and the Boomerang Awards. While the Summit brings in renowned thought leaders, both local and global, in a two-day internet and mobile congress; the Boomerang Awards honors the best digital works of local creatives.

Relatively young in an industry over three decades old, IMMAP continues to serve, as well as lead, the country’s integrated marketing communications industry.



IMMAP is the center of excellence and innovation in the Philippines entrusted by the advertising industry to shape the future of digital marketing.



To empower our stakeholders to leverage the power of digital marketing for the growth of their businesses, we exist to strengthen the digital marketing industry for stakeholders to grow their businesses.



Membership to the IMMAP is open to organizations that offer internet and mobile as marketing platforms to companies for use in communicating and interacting with their set of customers, including organizations that deliver products and services to internet and mobile companies, as well as organizations that use the internet and mobile media as a platform for communicating to their stakeholders, such as:

1. Internet companies
2. Content providers
3. Media companies that operate a website
4. Web designers and developers
5. Mobile suppliers
6. Interactive media agencies
7. Interactive advertising agencies
8. Selected companies that use internet and mobile as platform to advertise and market its products, goods and services



IMMAP is a member of the Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard) and the Ad Standards Council (ASC). Both local organizations, the AdBoard upholds and safeguards the industry’s trade practices, while the ASC regulates advertising content.

IMMAP members have access to the trademark groundbreaking events of the association namely the annual IMMAP Summit, the Boomerang Awards, and the Mobile Marketing Summit.

Further to the IMMAP events, members are also exposed to the much-heralded events of the AdBoard and ASC.

IMMAP members also have access to wide network of the country’s digital and mobile professionals, marketers, developers and publishers, advertising, and media practitioners.

Regular General Membership Meetings (GMMs) offer another aspect of camaraderie and networking that can nourish your business.



IMMAP Summit  :  This is a two-day conference held annually during  the 3rd quarter of the year.  Summit attendees reach 600 including representatives from all media.  Speakers are global and local experts
Boomerang Awards :  This is the top competition that honors the best digital and mobile work on creative, business effectiveness and innovation.  Judges are global and local experts.
Certified Digital Marketer Program (www.imadigitalmarketer.com) :  Regular classes held all year long


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