The Boomerangs call for both Innovation and Results in Digital Marketing

The Boomerangs opens for entries, beginning July 1, 2015. Deadline for submission is July 31, 2015.


On its eighth year, The Boomerangs, the country’s annual show for digital marketing excellence, broadens its charter, by honouring ideas that exemplify innovation, in addition to effectiveness.

After years of celebrating campaign effectiveness and efficiency, The Boomerangs now seek ingenious digital ideas that are inspired by consumers and that changes the way they think and act towards brands.

According to its co-chairpersons, Cynthia Dayco and Kichi Madlansacay, the shift in the show’s focus is inspired by the growing relevance of digital and mobile media, the rise of content creators, and data-driven platforms that connect Filipinos with the rest of the world.

“In the last three years, marketers and advertisers realized that digital is effective and essential in their media mix,” says Dayco. “But in the way that brands deal with so much ad clutter on TV, so they must on Digital. To succeed amid so much branded and unbranded messages, we need to innovate. Or at the very least, apply ingenuity in our use of influencers, platforms, and content.”

Madlansacay advises aspiring entrants to innovate for the consumer.

“These days, ‘success’ can be driven primarily by paid media in terms of views or likes,” shares Madlansacay. “But what truly counts as success is a creating a campaign that put consumers at the center of what you do. It is by truly understanding their behavior and unmet needs that brands are able to innovate through branded utility platforms that are authentic, relevant and share-worthy.”

With consumer-focused innovation and effectiveness, IMMAP and the show’s organisers have positioned The Boomerangs as a bigger, worthy challenge for creatives, planners, developers, and advertisers.



A panel of top client, media, and agency professionals evaluates the annual awards, by reviewing submissions against stringent criteria. Leading these jurors is Leigh Reyes, president and chief creative officer of Mullen Lowe Group Philippines. Aside from being the latest member of the Creative Guild’s Hall of Fame, she is a leading organiser of Mobile Monday, the open community of mobile practitioners.


The show introduces two new awards this year to reflect its celebration of consumer-centric innovation and effectiveness.

• Utility Effectiveness: This award recognises ingenious solutions that fill a gap in consumer needs and provide best-in-class user experience.

• Innovative Excellence: A special award given to the most advanced, original and inventive digital marketing solution.

The Boomerangs opens for entries, beginning July 1, 2015. Deadline for submission is July 31, 2015.


Since 2008, this show has honored Philippine advertisers and agencies whose campaigns and programs exemplified digital marketing effectiveness. This year, the show evolved and added consumer-focused innovation into its DNA. Its award ceremony culminates the annual IMMAP Summit, which is slated for September 10 and 11, 2015 in Manila.


The 2015 Boomerangs is managed by two digital marketing hybrids, who were both jurors in last year’s show.


CYNTHIA DAYCO is an awarded advertising veteran who has worked in creative and media agencies, and publishing. Since 2012, she has been MEC’s head of Interaction, advising clients in FMCG, finance, travel, automotive, and entertainment industries.

Kichi_Madlansacay_Boomerang_Co-chair WEB

KICHI MADLANSACAY is a digital native who began her career in the country’s first web portal and mastered business development and strategy in her stint at leading digital ad agencies. She has since moved to client side as the digital manager at Unilever Philippines.


Founded in 2007, The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) represents advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, content creators, and web developers. It harnesses digital media’s potential for economic development and provides the necessary tools and information that integrated marketing professionals need for better communication decisions. It is a member of the international group the Mobile Marketing Association.

This year’s board of directors is presided by Norman Agatep, managing director and chief creative officer of Havas Worldwide Manila.

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