IMMAP’s Advocacy Mandate

Create a better and safer Internet for every Filipino

Whilst our core mission revolves around advancing digital marketing, IMMAP also believes that we need to nurture and support the overall digital ecosystem in the Philippines. We are committed to help educate young Pinoys (and their parents!) on CyberSafety through our partnership with the Department of Education and Stairway Foundation.

For Children’s month this year, IMMAP’s Advocacy will launch the #BeCyberSafe campaign that aims to spread awareness about the importance of being safe online—and how.

In collaboration with DepEd and the Stairway Foundation and our partner agencies and contributors, educational brochures for parents and teaching aid videos targeted for use in primary schools were produced with seed fund from the IMMAP.

Videos and their partner brochures tackle key topics such as Cyberbullying, Online Gaming, Chatting and Online Pornography—most urgent themes that can help illustrate our kids’ vulnerability in the online space.

These materials will be critical as DepEd rolls out the CyberSafety lesson plan and manual to all schools nationwide. Teachers will now have the capability to discuss these current pressing concerns, in a very child-friendly and positive way; and that which will be supplemented via educational brochures for parents so they can follow-through at home. Learn more:

IMMAP believes in using technology for good; and that an investment to ensure a safe online space for our children will enable this flourishing space to continue to thrive for years to come.


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