More than a year in the making, the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) headed to Cebu to hold its first General Membership Meeting (GMM), represented by 2019 IMMAP president Dennis Perez, and corporate secretary Rudy Villar Jr.

“IMMAP Cebu is on its early stages. We know how important it is to start interest in digital marketing by sharing knowledge early on.  We hold IMMAP GMMs every month, and all GMMs are always about learning and sharing. That’s why we’re already holding the first GMM in Cebu,” says Perez.

Adds Villar, “We’re still on member acquisition stage, but we know there is a demand for digital marketing, digital technology, and data. Not just from companies, but from schools as well. There’s a huge demand for digital learning.”

For the first GMM, Perez discussed the State of Digital, and the science of Connect, Capture, and Convert. “Theory to practice, it is ‘I want WHO (the audience) to do What (your business-related action) during When (choose your right moment) by How (your own distinct way).”

Villar took Branding: It’s not just about logos. One of the learnings, “Consumers look to brands they can trust. To instill trust, it is important for the brand, including its employees, to live the brand’s values every day.”

An association of over 240 corporate and individual members, IMMAP has been receiving invites to hold DigiCon in Cebu and Davao.

Manning the Cebu contingent, and acting as IMMAP Secretariat is Bryan Yap, Group CEO of Republiq Group of Companies. “Digital is important in growing today’s businesses, whether large local companies, or SMEs. However, there is still a need to convince the decision makers, especially in Cebu. Bringing in IMMAP will help drive that,” shares Yap.

Perez shares this tale. “During DigiCon South, I was approached by someone who told me how much she appreciated the event because she learned so much from the talks. She was going to start her own coffee shop!”

Dennis Perez and Leigh Reyes, 2019 VP for Internal, spearheaded the first IMMAP DigiCon South held May 2019. The event, sold out with more than 400 delegates, also featured a couple of firsts: Digital Youth Congress South, and Sprint: Student competition on Digital Marketing and Creativity.

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