Analytics simplified to understand effectiveness in digital campaigns

As part of a diverse and well-represented team from research, education, media and creative agencies, we are able to provide a more wholistic and balanced point of view for the industry’s digital transformation.

Beng Ragon
July 4, 2020

How effective are your digital campaigns? This question was a hot topic tackled in the recently-held IMMAP Web Wednesdays focused on utilizing analytics to gauge success measures in digital campaigns. With nearly 3,000 subscribers across different fields and professions, Web Wednesdays is the in-demand webinar series by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) in collaboration with Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) and ABS-CBN.


In its latest webinar this month, data experts were on board to share industry insights on how brands can perform better by understanding how data and analytics work. Leading the discussion were Geia Lopez of Google Philippines, Rezza Custodio-Soriano of Cobena Business Analytics & Strategy and Jonas de los Reyes of Metrobank.

A member of the Digital Measurement Board (DMB) 2020, Principal Industry Analyst Geia of Google Philippines opened the discussion by providing a glimpse of how the DMB committee is working together to provide this year’s edition of the Philippine digital measurement standards. She notes, “As part of a diverse and well-represented team from research, education, media and creative agencies, we are able to provide a more wholistic and balanced point of view for the industry’s digital transformation.”

Geia’s point of view on crisis recovery through this digital shift is encouraging: Philippines will recover faster and will accelerate due to shift to digital with remote working and learning being widely embraced. With 90 million Filipinos online by 2023 and the rise of internet economy by 4x in 2025, growth is definitely in the picture when it comes to digital transformation and digital marketing in the next few years.

According to Geia, this is an exciting time to talk about creative effectiveness to help boost digital campaigns. In her presentation, she cited three effectiveness breakthroughs including Cannes Lion and WARC’s Creative Effectiveness Ladder that utilizes creativity to drive specific marketing outcomes and real business value. An interesting insight about creative commitment has also surfaced from this study as Geia points out, “The higher the creative commitment, the higher the effectiveness.” This new framework aims to promote knowledge sharing about creative effectiveness and push for continuous improvement through best practices in the creative industry.


Chief Digital Officer Rezza Custodio-Soriano of Cobena Business Analytics & Strategy further strengthens the case by highlighting the need to understand how all these insights and data from multiple sources can interact with each other. “This will provide a clear picture of who your customers are,” shares Rezza.

As most brands and companies heavily invest in digital marketing these days, Rezza was quick to say that digital marketing goes beyond social. “Marketing as your lead generator utilizes every platform possible to lead your customers to your digital assets,” she shares.

Rezza believes that an effective digital campaign should be backed by a strong digital platform built on superior customer experience, competitive intelligence and analytics. She made it clear that feedback is always an integral part of every successful campaign and even quoting “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” by Ken Blanchard.


When it comes to increasing online presence which Rezza describes as the “now normal,” analytics will remain useful and relevant than ever. In her presentation, she illustrates the necessity of maximizing analytical tools through a human-centric approach using struggle analytics, heatmapping and customer journey analytics. All these tools are helpful in providing insights on customer experience while navigating a particular platform. Offering a glimpse of the future of analytics, she identifies emerging trends focused on customer centricity like integration of customer data platform and  data management platform, AI for marketing and multi-touch attribution.

For Jonas de los Reyes, Metrobank’s Digital Marketing Head, having very clear objectives always sets the direction for digital campaign effectiveness. “Your objectives will dictate your metrics,” he says.

As consumer journey evolves, it is important to clearly define the role of digital marketing in consumer behavior and decision making. Jonas is keen in utilizing digital marketing as part of the strategy that points to bigger and more important things to help meet marketing and business objectives.

His presentation shows that while quantitative measurement can easily be counted versus qualitative measurements which are more behavioral, the challenge lies in finding a way to correlate the immeasurable with the measurable to drive success in digital campaigns.  “Measure what matters,” he points out. In this case, Jonas identifies what matter in measuring metrics and they are brand awareness, conversation, conversion and support metrics.

#IMMAPWebWednesdays is a FREE monthly webinar designed to support digital education in the Philippines. It aims to spread awareness on the latest digital data, trends, and best practices that can be adapted to businesses.

The series is brought to you by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) – the premiere association of digital agencies and organizations with the mission to empower the nation through the power of digital marketing – Certified Digital Marketer (CDM), and ABS-CBN. 

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