By Aye Ubaldo


“We were in a three-way tie, but they chose us because (or work) was the bravest,” says Zach Lim. Half of the winning Team PH tandem from JWT, along with Lance Francisco, that just bagged the Bronze at the Cannes Young Lions-Digital 2019.

Given by sponsor WWF, the Brief was to get millennials to “subscribe” to the foundation’s monthly donation model. Lim and Francisco invested on the idea of ‘Buy Back our Future’. The work has all the snappy terminology of Millennial-ese: Startup, innovator, deals, revolutionary…

But, the concept works.

Will you buy this today for the future?

Simply stated: Invest in future products still incubating with startups. 50% goes to the startup, and 50% goes to WWF to fund their save the world projects. Simply snazzy.

“Feasibility was a big part of their criteria. Like, can this really happen, or will this just be stuck in an idea phase. Can this partner brand really do this or is this just wishful thinking. They chose us because of the cleverness, bravery, and feasibility of our idea,” adds Francisco, whose clean art adds the oomph to Lim’s crisp copy.

BTS: Being judged

Bravery begets Bronze. Team PH’s idea is fresh, a standout gauging from the submissions of Gold from Denmark, and Silver from Norway that rallied the same thought of, well, basically: Blame your parents.

Copywriter Lim, and Art Director Francisco won over 35 other teams at the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Digital Young Creatives competition. Modelled exactly like the 24-hour Cannes competition, the teams grappled over the brief that was Grab Food: Get more people to use the app. The JWT duo pitched Grab Pin. The Jury bought it. And, so did the client.

This Grabbed the ticket to Cannes.

To prepare for Cannes, Lim and Francisco, along with 2nd place Kevin Pueblo and Fini Mara, and 3rd place Trina Enriquez and Kayla Marcelo underwent a 3-day workshop with Stairway Foundation. Knowing that the Cannes Young Lions brief always featured a foundation, charity or NGO, the immersion-training is a deviation from previous practice, hatched by the Digital Young Creatives competition Chair Wacky Torres. The Digital Young Creatives sub-committee is under the Education Committee headed by Rudy Villar.

“The workshops helped because you could see other live creative solutions. Stairway Foundation was very good at creative solutions,” shares Lim on the training.  It is different for Francisco, “More than the actual exercise, it strengthened my partnership with Zach. The experience added rapport to our art and copy tandem.”

In Cannes, Lim and Francisco had a mentoring blitz with award-winning creatives Leigh Reyes and Abi Aquino over seafood dinner.

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