Mid 2018, this youngling startup was in a fight for the right to hit the streets. Angkas, the motorbike-hailing tech was banned from plying the streets because, well, current ordinance couldn’t quite place them.

That, as they say, is history. After a massive motorbike road show (literally!), Angkas is now the go to app to combat Metro traffic. What a difference a helmet makes, indeed.

Angkas has 3 different personas that seems to be working cohesively: 1. Regulatory Face: Serious, industry building, taking with senators, congressmen, regulators; 2. Angkas Marketing brand: Gutter humour, super slapstick and very gay lingo; and 3. Angkas Service Brand – serious high service quality, trusted with top service bikers.”

Obviously an odd mix. But, as everyone in these islands know: Only in the Philippines does have its charm. Filipinos are simply not weirded out.

Angkas had a heavy run of  social media stunts including a video that featured everything taboo: scantily-clad females, midgets, grind dancing, name it. Where you’d expect a barrage of PC comments, there were none.

Circus, confusion…coarse? Clearly, it’s communications. Meanwhile, at the ongoing AdFest in Pattaya, 4As Chairman David Guerrero featured the Angkas ad in his presentation.

Call that creative communications.

And, it’s probably why it works. G5, after all is an award-winning creative communication agency that bagged a couple of IMMAP Boomerang Awards 2018 for Marawi 360: Inside the Warzone including the Good Boomerang, and a Gold for Innovation and Bleeding Edge.

Says George Royeca of G5 Creatives, the brand’s creative agency, “It’s a good example of client-agency relationship that is working very well, even if Angkas has in-house marketing team.”

Fronting Angkas is Angeline Tham. Aside being the brand face, Tham handles operations while promoting the brand’s core values as CEO. Marketing and PR and regulatory is outsourced to Royeca and G5.

“We really try to be as consistent and as simple and true to who we are. Angkas has always tried to be the true voice of our riders and community. Whether its fighting for legislation or their right to make a dignified living, or getting them the training and equipment they need to be safe, to making jokes about traffic and raunchy commercials that make us all laugh. We are the drivers, and they are us.

I’m quite proud that many of our antics come straight from our community themselves whether they be drivers, passengers or just our social media fans. We just love to entertain and make light of serious issues such as traffic, lack of efficient and affordable transport options and just the hassle of long hours of commute. What can we do, tumawa nalang. It’s very Filipino. And we try to stay true to that,” adds Royeca.

While client Angkas is working on its advocacy, its creative agency just bagged two Awit Awards nominations, one for Angkas Tara Na for Best novelty song, and another for Brand Pilipinas for Best Inspirational Song.



But wait, there’s more! Angkas drivers will soon wear custom-designed jackets with options where passengers can hang on for the ride.

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