Who would have thought that we’re now on our seventh month of quarantine and by this time so many pivot stories have already been told that will continue to inspire and keep the creative community stronger than ever before.


Fresh from the successful run of the recently-held virtual Digital OMNI 2020, here’s another first from the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) this time, gathering its members in a fun and interactive virtual setting called Virtual Member Meetups (VMMs). IMMAP transforms its way of conducting the traditional General Membership Meetings (GMMs) and makes it 100% online this year with monthly VMMs serving as another learning avenue for the digital community.


IMMAP’s monthly VMMs leverage its 300-strong corporate member community to help each other thrive, pivot and succeed in these challenging times. Apart from the round table conversations, regular activities include induction of new members, interactive games, and breakout sessions to promote meaningful interactions in a socially-distanced work scenario.


Held every last Thursday of the month, VMMs carry the theme “Pivot in the Time of Covid: Roundtable Sessions to Turn your Business Around.”  Moderated by Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Quiditty & Halcyon Denise Haak, the session features a series of roundtable discussions with notable speakers and resource persons from different industries.


The IMMAP community is all set for another VMM this Thursday, October 15 at 6 p.m. PHT to dive into another enriching conversation with the topic “Pivot Your Product.” This session will feature another round of notable thought leaders including QuadX CEO Dino Araneta; Co-founder, COO and CMO of Meiro Pavel Bulowski; and Chief Growth Officer of Rakuten Viber Anna Znamenskaya.     


The first VMM was held last September 24 with the topic “Pivot your Platform” featuring a panel of industry leaders headlined by Founder of GrowthNest Francisco Maldonado, GrowthNest Creative Dude Joseph Avakian, and mental health advocate Olivia Yao, Co-founder of IRS Consulting & VitalMinds System.


During the first VMM, guest panelists shared their real-life pivot stories and how the pandemic affected their life and business. Travel became a very challenging thing,” shared Avakian. “There’s a need to re-shift, reconnect and remarket myself as an online coach and trainer. If you are working with people, the dynamics are affected with limited interactions.”

For Yao, these challenging times made her realize that brand retention is more important than profit. She pushes herself out of her comfort zone to embrace change and keep her brand present in every opportunity. “I am able to pivot my content strategy and have become more open to collaborations,” Yao imparted.


Maldonado, on the other hand, said that everything is shifting so quickly and for their business, it’s also important that they pivot the types of partners and industries they engage with. “It is difficult to replicate live experience and it has impacted our emotions and how we think.” To address this, he cited the need to do a mental shift and move with the right expectations. “It’s all about prioritizing and hitting what I’m prioritizing. It helps to stay committed, dedicated and consistent,” he ended.


Don’t miss the fun and be part of the pivot conversations in IMMAP’s next VMM this Thursday, October 15 with the topic “Pivot your Product” that will help you rethink your product strategy to remain competitive and profitable in today’s limited economy. Last VMM for the year will be on November 19 engaging members in a timely discussion on “Pivot Your People” providing insights on how to keep employees inspired and engaged by creating a culture of change and new job opportunities.



What can we expect at the VMMs?

For the balance of 2020, our monthly VMMs will carry the theme:  PIVOT IN THE TIME OF COVID: Round table discussions to turn your business around, with 3 sessions scheduled via Zoom every third Thursday of the month.

Each session will start with a panel of industry experts from around the world sharing their personal pivot stories to inspire and enrich. After each panel, we will break into smaller groups to discuss what we’ve learned from the talks, and share our own personal triumphs and tribulations during this pandemic. Through these round table discussions, we hope to leverage our member community to help each other thrive, pivot, and even succeed in these challenging times.

Who can join the VMMs?
VMMs are FREE and EXCLUSIVE to IMMAP members. Meeting links will be shared directly to registered members’ emails so be sure to RSVP by responding to this email to confirm your attendance!Register now: https://bit.ly/IMMAPMembersAccess
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