“From startup to scale up.”

This is how Dennis Perez, president of IMMAP, described the direction the association is heading for 2019.

“We want to bring IMMAP from an organization that is technically known as a startup to something that is impactful in the industry,” said Perez at the association’s first general membership meeting this year.

He also noted the importance of “pivot” for the group that started with 10 members and has grown to over 230.

“As a digital organization, we must also learn to pivot,” he said. “We must disrupt ourselves before we get disrupted.”



With this in mind, IMMAP is elevating its goals into becoming a group that drives digital marketing excellence in the industry. It will be a transformative year for the association judging by the lineup of programs for each committee.

“Digital marketing excellence is at the core of what IMMAP will be moving forward,” he said.

Perez summed up IMMAP’s plans to transform into five important pillars:

– Drive thought leadership for the industry.

– Widen IMMAP’s impact by reaching out to other organizations.

– Support the digital marketing ecosystem in the Philippines and increase the talent pool of the industry.

– Create a better and safe internet for every Filipino.

– Revamp IMMAP’s digital assets to better serve its growing membership base.



Digicon XE held in October last year attracted over 3,200 delegates and was, according to Perez, the highest rated Digicon, so far. Following its success and realizing the interest it generated among industry practitioners, IMMAP is holding a Cebu edition in May not only to connect with other marketers but also to discover south’s rich pool of talents.

IMMAP also held the 1st Digital Dive Camp in Cebu last year which attracted over 130 attendees of students and small and medium enterprises.

“These inspire us to bring Digicon to Cebu,” Perez said. “A lot of people are clamoring for learning when it comes to digital marketing.”

This year’s Digicon, with the theme LEAP: Lead Explore Apply Practice is scheduled for October 16-18.

The association has been working with the Department of Education and Stairway Foundation for its #BeCybeSsafe campaign in assisting educators in teaching children about internet safety. Videos, brochures, and other materials designed by IMMAP members are distributed in various schools and organizations. Recently, #BeCyberSafe was launched in Cebu and Davao.



Perez said the group will be revamping the categories of the Boomerang Awards to align the excellence area especially with the advent of emerging technologies used to capture consumer attention.

“We realized that the industry is at a point where digital is being embraced whether you are an advertiser or is involved in brand building,” Perez said. “We need to be able to create a space for IMMAP to move forward and contribute to the industry. We need to rearticulate what IMMAP stands for and that is digital marketing excellence.”

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