MANILA, Philippines – We now live in a world where it gets harder to distinguish fact from fiction and where technology has been used as a weapon against truth and democracy.

Where do we look for stories that matter? How do we rise above the noise and find communities engaged in real work for social change?

We have not found all the answers, but when we started Rappler PLUS at the end of 2018, we saw the potential of bringing critical thought and action together.

We believed that we shouldn’t just be aware of stories; we must also act on them.

Rappler PLUS was built on the pillars of truth, courage, and community – pillars that allow quality and uncompromised journalism flourish and connect even the most diverse of groups.

In the months that followed, the Rappler PLUS community went beyond stories. We collaborated with each other and shared ideas on how to make journalism and society better.

Rappler PLUS became, as Rappler CEO and executive editor Maria Ressa put it, “a way for us to tap you and to learn from you.”  (Watch Maria Ressa’s testimonial here.)

Today, we continue to grow. More and more are choosing to join the Rappler PLUS journey — whether in our effort to shine the light on key issues, or deepen understanding of our complex problems, or push for advocacies through collaboration.


Being part of Rappler PLUS opens members to these experiences:

  • Exclusive newsletters from Maria Ressa and Marites Vitug that provide analyses and perspective of the events that are happening around us
  • Weekly Rappler PLUS Picks for stories that matter to you
  • Regular live discussions with Rappler’s senior editors and reporters that enable you to learn more about Talk topics and coverages, share comments and questions
  • First look at investigative and industry reports that will help you make informed decisions about the critical topics that shape the nation and the world
  • Invitations to exclusive Rappler events and briefings that bring together thought leaders and encourage collaborations
  • The chance to collaborate with MovePH for campaigns and advocacies to push community support.
  • The chance to test new Rappler initiatives and be part of the journey in building a better Rappler experience
  • And more! (Check out all the experiences Rappler PLUS is offering here!)

On top of all this, joining Rappler PLUS supports our journalism and helps keep our voice independent.

With Rappler PLUS, It’s time to get closer to the news and the people behind them.

To join us at Rappler PLUS, visit

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